Shiku Anande

Shiku Anande(2014)

During last few decades due to modern brain inventions various issues were cleared about how a child learns. The growth of basic education of a child is up to the age of 6. During this period it is highly necessary that a child should get proper atmosphere for his overall development. If this is not made available to him then a number of times the results are not good throughout his life. Because up to 6 years the growth of brain and body of a child is very much fast and if outside support is given it helps to a great extent. Otherwise various difficulties he has to face and that's why it is called as a child education. In fact this is a very important but complicated job.

Lulla Charitable Foundation has accepted this challenge for Sangli district and started to give child education in selected 8 schools methodically and scientifically. Since it is very difficult to reach upto thousands of students, Foundation has decided to give the proper training to the teachers of lower KG, higher KG and 1st standard teachers .we are supporting them by training by experts, providing various new ideas, educational instruments, toys and the most important is that learning happily. Student should not be taught in a very serious type of teaching and that's why happy schools should be created. The student should not realize also that how he learnt by playing and without any pressure. The project is named as Shiku Anande and about 8 schools are covered under this project. Now about five years are over and the results of the students of the schools are excellent due to education by way of constructivism. Various experts in the field of education were invited during last 5 years and special training was given to the teachers. Some of the well known trainers were Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukhtankar, Ramesh Panse and Uday Panchpor. These faculties cleared various concepts of education to these teachers, like how to teach language, mathematics, science, life experiences, English, environment etc. Inspiration lectures were also given to these teachers. They were given target to keep the record of every student and see that how C category student will come in B and then in A category.

A number of activities were organized for the students and their parents. Also the emphasis is given to practical activities instead of theoretical education. The classrooms are painted in a very much attractive manner. Groups of 6 students were made to sit in floor instead of benches. Proper care is taken of school grounds, toilets and hand washing. The foundation is very successfully running this project named as Shiku Anande.

Mr. Balasaheb Limbikai, Mrs. Anagha Ponkshe and Miss. Minakshi Koli are taking great efforts for this project.

Shodh Taryancha(2018)

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan and DIECPD decided to arrange workshop on Learning Disability English Language Dyselexia and Disgraphia. They approached Lulla Foundation for CSR partnership . The workshops were arranged at Miraj and Palus Talukas in which 1435 teachers teaching English were trained regarding Inability and Intellectually Disabled students. A special training is required for these category of students. Eminent speakers shared their thoughts.

Ankur Bal shikshan Programme(December 2019)

Every child has got inbuilt capacity of understanding from his or her birth and year after year he develops various skills. A child learns language speedily up to the age of 6. In fact in this age he can learn more than one language. Children's language is not developed by teaching grammar only. In real sense it is developed by our talking, their hearing of daily experiences of teachers and parents. This is the reason teachers and parents should give maximum practical experiences in their childhood. A care should be taken that he should not get bored of the same type of sharing daily experiences.

T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation has arranged children education training program in which 120 Head Masters and teachers were invited. The chief guest was Smt. Sushma Padhye, the president of Gram Mangal Maharashtra Bal Shikshan Parishad. She also opined that we should not use multiplication, division, science and such type of difficult words. We also should not try to teach them because it is a God gift that children learn on their own. We should only create environment suitable for him. If you want ideal future generation then we should give only simple examples for his brain. The children's brain should not be hammered. Instead of this we should share our experiences. we should see that they should form the habit of observations and also visit various places suitable to them.

In this workshop Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation's administrative officer Mr.Birajdar has also appreciated Lulla Foundation for it's support for educating the teachers providing education material and for trying to improve the quality of the education. Special efforts were taken by Mrs. Mugdha Abhyankar, Miss. Meenakshi Koli, Mr. Nandkumar Masal ,Mr. Ramchandra Kamble, Mr.Balasaheb Limbikai and Mrs Anagha Ponkshe. Various teachers were felicitated in this workshop.

This is a continues program at least for 2 years.


Hostel for North East student was constructed in Sangli in the year 2014 . A person from Pune donated one plot for hostel of North East students and a building was constructed on the said plot. Lulla Foundation has given huge donation for this project. Every year 15 to 20 students from Meghalaya stay here for their education.

Short film – Shiku Anande(2017)

A short film was made and released on 12th August 2017 named as ‘Shiku Anande’. The film is for 40 minutes produced by Lulla Foundation and was released at Pune by Chief Secretary of Education Shri Nandkumar and eminent Sahityik Mr. Rajiv Tambe. Shikshan Vivek of Pune were supporter of this project. In this film it is highlighted that students from rural area can also do well and it is not necessary that he should have education in five star schools in urban area. It is available on YouTube also.

Wachu – Lihu Activity Book(2020)

The book named Wachu – Lihu ( Read and Write), written by Mr. Balasaheb Limbikai and published by T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation was released by the auspicious hands of Shri. Dudi, CEO of Zilla Parishad Sangli. This book is very much helpful for the 1st standard students who will rejoin the schools after covid – 19. The book is available for sale at rupees 70/- per book who places the order for minimum 25 books. All the activists of Lulla Foundation and education officers were present at the time of said event.

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