The Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), formerly known as Rotary South Asia Society for Development and Cooperation (RSAS). The objectives of RILM are Total literacy and Quality Education in India. To achieve that RILM have designed a comprehensive program called "T-E-A-C-H" where :
T :- Teacher Support
E :- E learning
A :- Adult Literacy
C :- Child Development
H :- Happy School
Each of these programs has a specific focus and it is interlinked with each other in achieving the common goal of bringing total literacy and improving the learning outcomes of primary education, in various parts of the country.

T :– Teacher Support

1. Teachers Training

Aim of Rotary India Literacy Mission is to improve the professional abilities and performance of teachers in selected primary/elementary schools through better training and use of modern teaching aids, so as to enhance the learning outcomes of students.

From the year 2014 more than 7000 teachers were trained by T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation for various subjects which includes Happy education, Constructivism, Educational changes, Practice Work, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Sex Education and Learning Disability.

Trainings were jointly organized with Zilha parishad Sangli, DIECPD Sangli, Sangli Miraj Kupawad Corporation and many Rotary clubs from Rotary District 3170

2. Nation Builder Award

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognizing outstanding teachers. Rotary Foundation has consistently observed that ' Education' is the key area due to which 100% 'Literacy' can be achieved in India. Hence it introduced 'TEACH & WinS as a working instrument for all Rotary clubs in South Asia. Under this program 'Nation Builders Awards' are presented to the efficient and good quality teachers through out the country. Total awards given till 2020 are 28.

From 2017 T.B.Lulla Charitable Foundation had decided to present awards to 7 teachers from Maharashtra who have expertise in languages (Marathi and English) art, mathematics, science, efficient principal and teacher for special children school. The applications from young teachers under the age of 35 years were invited with their extra ordinary work during past 10 years. Support was taken from Shikshan Vivek Pune , Rotary Club of Sangli, Zilha Parishad Sangli, DIECPD Sangli. Total awards given till 2020 are 28.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2017 - In this event an orchestra for 2 hours was arranged in which songs and dialogue from movies as well as from dramas were shown to the audience. Skits,dances and celebrity anchors were the attractions of this event.Entire program was education related covering TEACH & WinS.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2018 - A large scale seminar on Menstrual Hygiene Management was organized at Sangli by T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation, Shikshanvivek Pune, Zilha Parishad Sangli, Sangli-Miraj-Kupawad Corporation and DIECPD. This full day workshop was held at Sangli on 7th January 2018. Morning two hours session was attended by 400 teachers, afternoon session by 750 adolescent girls and guidance was given to 200 parents in the evening session. In all these sessions each and every detail about Menstrual Hygiene Management was explained by interactive discussion to the audience.The keynote speakers were Shri. Koustubh Jogalekar, Shri. Pravin Nikam, Dr. Yashaswini Tupkari, Shri. Rajiv Tambe.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2019 – A 90 minutes entertainment programme was performed related to education. This year it was arranged at Pune on 27th January at Garaware Assembly Hall where about 2000 audience was present. Chief guest was Hon. Aruna Dhere , an imminent author and poet. 220 school children from 20 schools performed various poems related to P.L. Deshapande, G. D. Madagulakar and Sudhir Phadake.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2020 – A unique program like every year was celebrated this year by Lulla Foundation jointly with shikshan Vivek, at Balgandharva Natya gruh Pune.This time the theme was Emotional Quotient. 250 Students from 30 schools were asked to prepare a theme by songs , dance or skits on the subject how the emotional quotient plays role in the family, particularly on the children and the responsibility of parents and teachers towards this subject. The program was held on 24 January 2020. Chief guests where Cinestar, Director, Producer Mr. Abhiram Bhadkamkar and Cinestar Miss. Devika Daftardar.The hall was over packed. All the children performed excellent songs, dance etc. The impact on audience was made about proper and ideal education as expected.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2021 - T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation and Shikshan Vivek jointly organized a program named as ‘ Shikshan Maza Vasa 2020-21’ at Pune. In this programme awards were given to the young and dynamic teachers from Maharashtra who have given extra ordinary performance in various fields. On this occasion a book on new education policy written by Dr. Sharad Kunte was published on 17-1-2021 at Savarkar Kendra , Pune. Named as ‘Navin Shaikshanik Dhoran: Pratima aani Vastav’. In addition to this one more programe was organized on 24 January 2021 on the subject ‘ India 4.0 – Education and changing trends in carrier’. Dr. Bhushan Kelakar has delivered the speech in the workshop arranged on this subject.

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2022 - Like every year this year also the program named as ‘Shikshan Maza Vasa 2022’ was performed at Pandit Jawaharlal Neharu Sanskrutik Bhavan, Pune on 13th February 2022. Shikshan Vivek Pune and T. B. Lulla Charitable Foundation jointly gave awards to the teachers and Head Master who did extra ordinary activity in the field of languages(Marathi and English) art, mathematics, science and efficient principal. A group of singers and musicians from Pune presented Patriotic songs which was well appreciated under the name ‘Garja Jayjaykar’. Chief guest was renowned film director Shri. Digpal Lanjekar

Shikshan Maza Vasa 2023 - Like every year Lulla Foundation jointly with Shikshan Vivek has arranged a program named as Shikshan Maza Vasa at S.P. Collage hall on 19th March 2023. A short play named as ‘ Mazya Jalmachi Chittarkatha’ was performed related to fight of a woman for education . It was a story of Shantabai Kambale. The play was directed by Yogesh Soman. Awards were given to 7 teachers from different fields who have done some different activity in Maharashtra.

E :- E Learning

RILM's E-learning program, "E-Shiksha", aims at improving the teaching-learning experience through the use of curriculum based audio-visual modules in local languages in Govt. / Govt. aided schools.

Audio-visual representation makes learning more interesting for students, thus ensuring greater attendance in school, increased attentiveness in class, better comprehension . Positive impact on learning outcomes of the students in terms of improved retention, sharpened capacities for logical thinking, critical visual thinking, better comprehension, improved language abilities and positive behavioral change.

Lulla Foundation announced many schemes for Rotary and Inner wheel clubs, for donation of projectors with soft wares at low cost for Government schools. In the year 2018 – 19 , 2019 – 2020 Foundation donated these projectors in more than 200 schools.

A :- Adult Literacy

Lulla Foundation has not touched this subject till today.

C :- Child Development

Dil Dosti Duniyadari Aani Mee(2019)

The foundation is working on Menstrual Hygiene Management from 2016. More than 85000 girls and 3000 teachers were given training about hygiene, use of sanitary pads and taboos.

It was observe that not only the girls but the small boys should also be tought on this subject. The foundation started giving training to adolescent boys and girls about menstruation, erection, changes in body and mind, opposite sex attraction and good touch as well as bad touch. A detailed booklet is printed consisting of attractive and informative pictures. A number of teachers as well as social workers were trained and training is started from 3rd January 2019.

The support was taken by Zilha Parishad Sangli, DIECPD Sangli and Seva Vardhinee, Pune.

Solar Ecilipse(2019)

On the occasion of solar eclipse on 28th December 2019, 10 thousands students from various schools were invited by Zilha Parishad Sangli and they were shown all the movements of solar eclipse. Live commentary about this information was given on speaker by an eminent scientist. The programe was shown on Facebook Live. Lulla foundation donated black goggles to the students and participated in this programe.

Smart Girl(2020)

The program of smart girl was organized at Sangli jointly with Bharatiya Jain sanghatana. In this girl empowerment program, total 5000 girls participated in one ground. This activity is declared as India Book of records and a certificate was presented to the organizers. Shri shantilalji Mutha, Suresh Patil, Raosaheb Patil Kishor Lulla ,Rajendra Lunkad and other dignitaries were present. Two days before this gathering ,a number of trainers held workshop for this 5000 girls in various schools and they were trained about self defense, self confidence, culture and mind development. Also they were shown Power Point Presentation on the subject of menstrual hygiene. Due to this excellent program,all girls and their parents along with teachers were charged like anything which will have great impact in future.

Vachu Anande(2020)

Entire world was handicapped due to corona virus during the month from February 2020 onwards. Due to lockdown everywhere the schools where closed for a longer period. Lulla Foundation started a program named as ‘Vachu Anande’. Registration of parents and teachers was taken from throughout Maharashtra and eminent speakers were invited to deliver the lecture on following subjects – exercise for voice, story telling, how to choose books for kids etc. more than 5 batches where taken consisting of 50 participants in each batch. Each batch was for 7 days. This program was well accepted by the community.

H :- Happy School

The object of the Happy School Programme is to provide/upgrade the infrastructural and co-scholastic facilities in govt or govt aided schools, to make them secure, attractive and happy learning places for students and teachers, to prevent drop outs.

  • Painted, well maintained and secure school building
  • Adequate and functional separate toilets for boys and girls
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Clean and adequate drinking water for both students and teachers Library
  • Play material, games and sports equipment
  • Benches, desks for students
  • Well maintained space for teaching staff
  • Shoes and School Bags for students

Lulla Foundation also joined the hands with Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs to make the school’s happy. Foundation gave funds for Global Grant of Rotary Club of Vai, Rotary Club of Sirasi. Also Supported many inner wheel clubs from IW district 3170

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