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T. B. Lulla

Shri. Totaram Bhojraj Lulla, a renowned name in the field of taxation, migrated in 1947 to India along with his father, mother, brothers & sisters after leaving behind well earned money & well settled property. His family was staying at Shikarpur in Sindh Prant. He was one of the lakhs of Sindhi people who fortunately could save their lives in spite of slaying in the train from Sindh to Gujrat. Autobiography Of T. B. Lulla Sindhu Te Krishna - Click Here To Read

Born on 12th Oct 1935, he completed his post graduation of Law degree from Govt Law College, Mumbai. For his fees & expenses, he sold toffees in local trains of Mumbai. As a Sales Tax inspector from Mumbai he was transferred to Kolhapur & then to Sangli, where he started practice in taxation in the year 1958, after resigning from the Sales Tax Department.

Due to his calm, quiet & non greedy nature, he became “DADDY”, not only of his two sons but also of entire community. A book “Sindhu te Krishna” was published when he was 71, to present before the Maharashtrian Community about the struggle faced by entire Sindhi’s at the time of partition. He passed away on 28th Sept 2010 leaving behind his wife, two sons, grandson & grand daughter. The achievements in his life are commendable.

Our Mission

After achieving success in the field of taxation since 1980 & also in the field of Land Development since 1995, Adv. Kishor Lulla decided to diversify his activities towards social & charitable purposes in the year 2010 immediately after sad demise of his father on 28-Sept-2010. In other words, he realized where to stop earning & come out of day to day engagement in business & profession at the age of fifty. His vision is to support the Genuine Non Government Social Organizations not only by monetary help but by providing them knowledge of running the organizations successfully in every aspect. The ultimate aim was to form a “Federation of NGO’s” which should create a pressure group over the ill elements of the society. From 2014 onwards the Foundation has decided to work in the field of primary & secondary education instead of working specially for NGOs.To make the education happy & practical in primary & secondary school children. Also to increase the quality of government schools in every aspect, specially by Teacher’s Training.

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