Natural Calamities

Jaladan 2019(April and May 2019)

We have provided drinking water in the draught area of Sangli District. Due to support by community we could provide 69 tankers of 30,000 liters each in the village of Upalavi and Kumate in Tasgaon taluka. The beneficiaries were about 15350.

Flood(August 2019)

During the period 5th August to 15th August 2019 there was heavy flood in Sangli .More than 2 lacs people were affected family wise and business wise. The loss of the district was in thousands of crores. The government machinery started help very late hence various NGOs started helping to the needy people. Lulla foundation jointly with Tarang bahu-uddeshiya Sanstha, Friends Academy, Absolute Fitness Academy, Narmada Management, Dandekar Caterers and started centre at a marriage hall named as ‘Ruturang Puragrasta Madat Kendra’.

This group appointed social workers and distributed tea, coffee, breakfast, milk biscuits, cloths, toilet articles, blankets, lunch, dinner etc. The work was going on for about three weeks and daily help was given 2000 affected people. We have also taken care to distribute sanitary napkins to women and girls .We collected goods as well as cash from various donors from people through out Maharashtra . Total cost of the project became rupees 1 crore. The government authorities felicitated all these organizations and social workers connected with us for this holistic work.

COVID 19(March and April 2020)

From March 2020 entire world was affected due to corona virus. During this period Lulla Foundation jointly with other organizations of Sangli district started a centre through which raw material as well as ready food was distributed for about two months to people who could not leave Sangli due to sudden lock down. The collector as well as other government and municipal authorities appreciated our work. We also distributed sanitary napkins to the needy girls and women. Our work was done at following places- Miraj Highschool Miraj, Corporation School No. 26 and Khvaja Colony . Out of the active social workers we should appreciate Mrs. and Mr. Mayuresh Abhyankar, Robin Hood Army, Dr. Vaibhav Mane and Group who worked very actively at the cost of risk of health also.

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